Mergers & Acquisitions & Total Factor Productivity – Quantitative Essay

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This is research proposal for international business research. it is a quantitative paper. please have a read through the module outline and proposal content page(which will be uploaded). please let me know if you need any more information.

This is the proposal focus on INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS!!!!

This is taken directly from the module outline. There are no “tricks” to this, simply build on the work that we have done over the weeks and address all of the points. What i am looking for is for you to convince me that you have a project that you can complete to masters standard in the time allowed
Method of Assessment and Feedback:
Assignment 100% The assignment will be a dissertation proposal. Students will be
required to submit a research proposal (2500 words maximum) by the 13th January.
The proposal will require:

An abstract (summary).
Statement of research question.
Theoretical rationale.
The expected implications of the research project for organizations.
Preliminary literature review.
Hypotheses to be tested.
Data sources and the justification for the choice.
Research design.
Methodology to be employed.
Details of any ethical considerations and steps taken to meet potential ethical concerns.
Feedback will be provided by the assignment feedback forms.

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