Metabolic Syndrome

ASSIGNMENT#1: Metabolic Syndrome: Either copy and paste this link to your browser or go to YouTube and search Implications of Metabolic Syndrome on Heart Disease. It is posted by Neurociriyo and is 2:37 minutes long. After listening to the description of Metabolic Syndrome from this video, pleaseanswer the 3 questions below (MUST BE TYPED, COMPLETE, THOUGHTFUL ANSWERS, WORTH 10 POSSIBLE POINTS): List the 5 Risk Factors of Metabolic Syndrome and the DEFINING LEVELS of those factors (in other words, the amounts that raise the risk for Cardio Vascular Disease and diabetes).Second: Answer this: Do you know YOUR numbers: Total Cholesterol, LDL, HDL, Triglycerides, Blood Pressure, Glucose levels? You don?t have to give those numbers (kind of personal), but generally speaking, if you know them, what do they tell your about your cardio vascular heath and risk for diabetes? (You can only get your cholesterol and glucose levels by having blood tests ordered by a medical practitioner AND taken at a lab).Third: If you don?t know your numbers, please share where you think you can find them out and discuss when you might be willing to get them. ??.?.ASSIGNMENT #2: On p. 34 of your packet is a Case Study of Bill M. After reading his history and comparing his situation (and numbers) with those of Metabolic Syndrome, answer the questions on p. 34 and draw your own conclusions about his risk factors. You may HAND WRITE this page directly on p. 34 and hand it in (no typing necessary). 10 possible points.ASSIGNMENT #3:CVD Assessment, p. 35. Answer the following questions (MUST BE TYPED, COMPLETE, THOUGHTFUL ANSWERS, WORTH 10 POSSIBLE POINTS. You do NOT need to hand in the assessment?just the answers to the questions below):First: Summarize your risks based on this assessment.Second: Name 5 facts from the PPT that are new to you and discuss. OR, if there is nothing new to you, please share where you have gotten this information in the past (a course, website, textbook, your mom? etc.EXTRA CREDIT, 10 POSSIBLE POINTS FOR A TYPED, MINIMUM OF 1/2 SINGLE SPACED RESPONSE: Please read the article Combating Globesity on pp. 39-40 in your packet and answer the questions at the end of the article. ??.?.

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