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DOUBLE SPACED and Pick a specific food from a lunch truck(ex.taco) or some kind of Street food the is in Los Angeles. I will post an example essay at the end of insturctions…THANK YOU Pick a street food that can be found in the LA area; it can be a new food you’ve recently tried or one you’ve long enjoyed. Then, in a 4-5 page, thesis-driven essay, please answer the following: What does this street food reveal about its culture of origin and/or the current community where it is sold? Questions to Consider Consider the following questions as you brainstorm ideas for this paper. You do not answer these questions in the order found here, nor answer all of them in your essay. Use them to brainstorm, and then decide which information is most interesting and useful for your purpose. Lastly, organize it all in a logical way. • Describe the sensory experience of partaking in this street food—use the five senses. • What is the traditional version of this food? Is the Los Angeles version different? What are the variations? What do these variations reveal about life in Los Angeles? • The 5 W’s. What ingredients are used in this food and how does it taste? Where in LA is it found? How is it eaten? (with utensils? by hand? particular toppings?) Who do you eat it with—friends, family, strangers, alone? Where does it originate and what is its history (birthplace, migrations, evolutions)? When is it usually eaten? Why is it popular—and what does this say about Los Angeles or the particular neighborhood where the food is popular? • Does this street food vary depending on the neighborhood it is sold in? • What is the neighborhood like where the food is sold? Who lives there? What is important to them? Do they share a culture, language, etc.? • Does the food reveal anything about the culture where it originated? (i.e., Mexico, Korea, Lebanon) • Does this food reflect anything about life in Los Angeles in general? • Is this food associated with certain social classes and not with others? Are there any legal battles surrounding where, how or when it may be sold? Other Considerations & Requirements • Imagine you are writing this essay as an article to be published in Slow Food International, a quarterly journal of the Slow Food movement and the source of the essays we read. Your audience is a group of international food lovers. Your tone can be a mix of informal and formal, but you should avoid using “I.” • Experiential research would be useful—eat the food (even if you’ve had it before), talk to other customers, talk to the owner of the stand/restaurant. Observe and take notes, and use this information to brainstorm ideas for your paper. • You are required to find one outside source for this essay. You may not find written research on your street food and its life in LA, but you should be able find information on the history of that street food and its culture of origin. Try websites, library databases and/or a book. You may also use the Slow Food essays or “The Hotdog So Good It’s Illegal,” but these sources will not count as your outside source. • Your essay should adhere to MLA guidelines. The Works Cited page does not count towards the page length requirement. • You will also need to turn in a 1-page executive summary with your final draft that serves as an introduction to your essay and addresses the following: 1) Summarize the comments you received from your writing group. 2) How did you use these comments to revise your paper? 3) How did you learn about the food you chose to write about? 4) What was most challenging about writing this essay and how did you meet those challenges? EXAMPLE ESSAY The Most Famous Dog In The World Hot dogs are well known around the world, they are used for celebrations and for sporting events such as baseball. A hot dog is just really a cooked sausage that is made up of beef and pork, just beef or just pork, and even turkey which is cured, smoked and cooked sometimes boiled. Hot dogs are usually eaten with mustard, mayo and ketchup but you can also add chili’s, cheese, tomato and avocado. The hot dog can be found with many different flavors and spices to appeal to all hot dog enthusiasts. Emperor Nero Caesar’s cook, Gaius is often referred to as the creator of the sausage back in the 1st Century A.D. Pigs were starved before eaten in Gaius’s time, the legend states that a well roasted pig was brought out but was not well cleaned. Gaius took a knife and cut open his belly to find that the pigs intestines were puffed up and hollow. After this find he decided to stuff the intestines with ground venison and ground beef mixed with cooked ground wheat and spices, he tied them into sections and the wiener was born. It is also said that the frankfurter (hot dog) was developed in Frankfurt, Germany. Germans made thick, soft, and fatty sausages which we derive the name “franks”. In 1987 they celebrated the 500th birthday of the hot dog. People in Vienna, Austria also claim that was the birthplace of the hot dog. It is said that the first wiener was made by a master sausage maker that got his training from Frankfurt, Germany. He called his creation the “Wiener-frankfurter”, it’s also known as “wienerwurst”. Wienerwurst comes from the word Vienna (Wien the German name of Vienna) and wurst which means sausage in German. It is not a hot dog without a bun, many people are credited for being the first to put the sausage in a bun, one of them is Charles Feltman. Charles Feltman was a German butcher that opened up the first Coney Island hot dog stand in Brooklyn, New York. The other person is Antonoine Feuchtwanger, he sold hot sausages in the streets of St. Louis, Missouri. He would give gloves to his customers so they won’t burn their hands with the hot sausage but he kept losing money because he would not get the gloves back. After talking to his wife he decided to put them in bread split in half and that is what he did, he called them red hots. United States has adopted the hot dog along with the hamburger as their national food. Hot dogs are eaten in sporting events such as baseball and in holidays such as Memorial Day and Labor Day. “The Council estimates that over seven billion hot dogs will be eaten by Americans between Memorial Day and Labor Day. During the July 4th weekend alone (the biggest hot-dog holiday of the year), 155 million will be downed” (FactMonster). Last year alone Americans consumed about 20 billion hot dogs, an average of 70 hot dogs per person. “That is enough hot dogs to stretch from Los Angeles to Washington, D.C., more than five times” (Fast food). Los Angeles has an abundance of hot dog restaurants and vendors. Many hot dog vendors can be found in Los Angeles downtown area. The hot dog has been established as a L.A. food. Many hot dog stands are found around clubs or where there is a lot of foot traffic. The vendors usually bacon wrapped hot dog is made of grilled weenie, bacon, bun, onions, chilies, ketchup mayonnaise, and mustard. The hot dogs sold by street vendors are great tasting and best of all the vendors can be found late at night or early in the morning. The L.A. hot dog has been around for a while, most hot dogs are sold from a cart in the street by street vendors. They are usually found in the corner of the street with their car nearby cooking what seems a never ending army of hot dogs. Hot dog vendors can also be found in the parks and outside parties and clubs. A big area known for the bacon wrapped hot dogs is Fashion district in downtown Los Angeles. There are an abundance of hot dog vendors about every corner you see in the fashion district will have at least 1 if not 2 hot dog vendors on it. Walking in Los Angeles can be an adventurous thing, you will see and smell different type of foods that are sold in the streets. The hot dog has this smell that is very attractive to your nose and just hypnotizes you to follow its aroma until you find the vendor. Hot dogs are usually sold in Latin communities, this is so because many immigrants that come to the United States from Mexico or where ever they come from are usually the ones selling the hot dogs. Many come in dreams of starting their own business and what easier way to do that than by selling hot dogs. The communities that have the hot dog vendors are usually a community where people know each other and often stand around the vendor talking while eating their hot dog. The hot dog relates a lot to the working class people because many of them work 2 jobs or 60 hour weeks. The hot dog is perfect for them because it is a food that can be eaten fast and it is also inexpensive. Fashion District is a good example of this, the hot dogs there are usually two to three dollars and are popular there because many of their customers are people who work in the stores or live in that general area. The hot dog is a way of bringing people together after a hard day of work that can be classified as a social event. It is comparable to a family gathering in a sense because people are eating, talking, and enjoying themselves with a food that has taken over Los Angeles. Now named the “L.A. hot dog” is a thing many people come to experience once they travel down here even if they did not plan to. It is a tourist stop in its own way, other countries do not have the luxury of having vendors selling food in the streets like Los Angeles does. The great thing about the hot dog is that it’s not racist, it appeals to everyone and every working class. It became popular because of its distinct taste and of course because of the bacon that hugs the weenie. Even though grilling and putting bacon on the hot dog is illegal many still continue doing it because that is what the customers want. Grilling gives it a certain taste that makes your mouth water just by looking at it, personally I like when well grilled to almost a dark color, with cheese, ketchup, mayonnaise, avocado and jalapenos. The hot dog is a traditional comfort food that is love by everyone, and is relatively cheap and easy to make. Los Angeles with its abundance of culture is the best place to find the right hot dog for you. Different culture usually means different taste for food. Most of them consist of the basic weenie in a bun (sometimes bacon is considered the basic form) but condiments can change, relish is sometimes offered also chilly and cheese to make a chilly cheese hot dog. The hot dog is very tasty and very comforting and the best part is that it is found in many places. Make sure you get a grilled hot dog because it will not taste the same if its boiled, also make sure that the bacon is present to give it that extra boost of flavor and fullness to the hot dog, which is why it’s the most famous dog in the world.

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