Microsoft Case Analysis Academic Essay

Microsoft Case Analysis Read the assigned case and prepare answers to ALL of the following: What is the companys major problem (e.g., what decision must be made? what choice must be faced?)? Justify why you believe this is the major problem (e.g., what are some of the symptoms that you believe attribute to the major problem) What is the companys current overall objective(s)? What are the current strategies to help the organization achieve its current objective(s)? Using the companys mission statement, identify which components were utilized Create your improved mission statement utilizing all components and identify each component in your improved mission statement How attractive is the industry (e.g., size, growth rate, profitability, competitive intensity, Porters 5 forces) to companies currently in the industry? And to companies who would like to enter the industry? (FYI. When you finish answering this question, you should know: 1) if you are considering entering in this industry, do you want to enter in to this industry or 2) if you are currently in this industry, do you want to stay in this industry.) Conduct a Situation/SWOT Analysis (internal and industry analyses) Conduct an industry analysis (external audit) i.What are the companys external opportunities and threats? ii.Develop an External Factor Evaluation (EFE) Matrix, explain what the company needs to improve on externally, and justify why it needs to be improved iii. Identify the companys major competitors, develop a Competitive Profile Matrix (CPM), explain what the company needs to improve on competitively, and justify why it needs to be improved Conduct internal analysis i. What are the companys internal strengths and weaknesses? ii. Develop an Internal Factor Evaluation (IFE) Matrix, explain what the company needs to improve on internally, and justify why it needs to be improved Given the IFE, EFE, and CPM, is the company stronger internally, externally, competitively, or some/all? Conduct a financial ratio analysis on the company. Calculate the ratios shown in the table below and compare them with the industry. Based on your comparison, is Microsoft a healthy company performing well on financial ratios? Profit Margin Percent Microsoft Industry Gross Margin ? 75.58 Pre-Tax Margin ? 35.06 Net Profit Margin ? 28.28 Liquidity Ratios Debt/Equity Ratio ? 0.24 Current Ratio ? 2.77 Quick Ratio ? 2.58 Profitability Ratios Return On Equity ? 28.41 Return On Assets ? 15.7 Return On Capital ? 22.77 Efficiency Ratios Income/Employee ? 123,791 Revenue/Employee ? 470,524 Receivable Turnover ? 6.27 Inventory Turnover ? 12.75 Asset Turnover ? 0.56 Develop two of the five matrices for the company: SWOT Matrix, SPACE Matrix, IE Matrix, and Grand Strategy Matrix. Highlighting each of your strategies listed 9. Utilizing the strategies developed from your matrices, develop a QSPM AND explain your recommendations/findings for the companys problem. Then, provide justifications of your recommendation [In your explanation, please demonstrate how this/those strategy(ies) will rectify the major problem that you identified and explain why should they use that/those strategy(ies)?] PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET A GOOD DISCOUNT

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