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Begin with the research and turn your results into a 3-5 page biographical essay. First you need to collect facts. Conduct research to find information about your subject in three areas: personal, educational, and professional. Once you have enough raw data, organize the materials into a coherent narrative and make sure you�ve addressed each of the individual points listed below.

– When and where was this person born?
– Where did this person grow up?
– Did this person marry and have children?
– When and where did this person die? (if appropriate)
– Where does this person reside today? (if appropriate)
– Where did this person attend school?
– What level of education did this person achieve?
– What degrees, awards, or certificates were conferred upon this person?
– What institutions or associations has this person been affiliated with?
– What creative achievements is this person known for?
– How has the creativity of this individual changed their life?
– Has this persons creative achievements changed the world?

_____ Mechanics: Typed (single or double-spaced), using font size 10 12, letter quality print
_____ Paper is 3-5 complete pages of text in length
_____ Bibliography (alphabetized and reflecting citations)
_____ At least 3 sources (no dictionary, encyclopedia, or wikipedia)
_____ Citations correctly used, where appropriate

_____ Content: Content reflects assigned research topic
_____ Content is easy to read and flows logically
_____ Consistent and accurate use of information
_____ Materials are relevant to the paper
_____ Details on personal statistics included
_____ Details on education/training included
_____ Details on professional achievements included

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