mobile APP development portfolio Academic Essay

Project descriptionYour task is to submit a mobile APP development portfolio, which should include thefollowing four elements:1.1500 word (maximum) description of your APP and its functions, analysis of its placein the marketplace and any ethical and/or legal issues you needed to consider withyour APP design and the data stored for the APP;2.A business model canvas for your APP;3.A storyboard showing how a user would use your APP, this must show how thefunctions work for the user;4.A design of your APP This is an individual piece of work; therefore, you should not share ideas with others, while completing this work.Please note you will need to provide your sources for the analysis and any images usedwithin this piece of work. MARKING CRITERIAReport (worth 40% of the marks available)o Description of the App (10%)o Selection of suitable functions (10%)o Analysis of the marketplace for the App (10%)o Consideration of legal and ethical issues for the APP (10%)APP Design (worth 20% of the marks available)o Depth detail of design (10%)o Clear design of functions within the APP (10%)Business model Canvas (worth 20% of the marks available)o Relationship between the Business module canvas and the other elementswithin the assessment (10%)o Depth of analysis in the Business Model Canvas (10%)Storyboard (worth 20% of the marks available)o The APP design and its functions use are clearly shown within the storyboard(10%)o The methods used within the storyboard to demonstrate the APP design andfunctions (10%)All elements need to be submitted, missing one element will mean a mark ofzero will be awarded for the assessment PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT

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