Models of Curriculum Design Custom Essay

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Search the Internet for the articles by M. David Merrill titled “Reclaiming Instructional Design” and B.G. Wilson titled “Foundations of Instructional Design: Reclaiming the Conversation.” In addition to reading these articles, use the resources for this unit to identify instructional design competencies embraced by the discipline/industry associations. Based on your readings and research, create an analysis paper in APA manuscript format, using academic citations to support your analysis that responds to the following: •What is the discipline of instructional design? •Do you believe instructional design aligns with a science? Why/why not? •In what perspective is instructional design considered to be a technology? •How does instructional theory differ from learning theory? •What are the critical components of the instructional design process? •What are the tasks that instructional designers must perform? •What are the critical skills required for successful instructional designers?

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