Mountain Products Essay

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You are in charge of a division of Mountain Products. It is a company that manufactures electronic communications products for outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers. There have been several serious problems affecting profits and you need to respond. Look at the following issues and evaluate the potential causes and what you would do to correct the problems. Issues do not have to be treated separately, they may be related and addressed with a common solution. (Please keep your responses to 3 pages not including the cover page)
1. Latest GPS product was delayed by 6 months, reaching the market 2 months after our competitor.
2. Our largest selling product is on back order due to inventory shortages of two key parts.
3. We are seeing a larger than expected failure rate of a recently released product and warranty returns are up 30%. The problem was noted and diagnosed in beta testing but the change was not incorporated into the final release.
4. Several vendors who exclusively sold our products are now carrying our competitor’s also. These vendors had previously had several warranty returns mis-handled and did not receive timely follow up to resolve their concerns.
5. We are looking at adopting new GPS location logic being developed for DOD applications. We currently have 3 products in development and don’t have the resources to take on the new project.

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