Music ecology – Research in Music, Society and Culture custom essay

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Final project proposal
(Please notice that you are dealing with how the music, nature, landscapes, culture and society relates/ affects each other)

In the final project you need to engage 1) in “In-depth research” on relationships among musical practices, 2) the natural world, and 3) ecological change in the lives of peoples in Southern African (San Bushmen).
Hi writer (130127), Its nice to see you again
I actually have an idea of what to talk about, but I am not too sure is that a good topic to focus on my final project, if you have another good suggestion please let me know.
Okay! here is the topic I would like to focus on the San Bushmen
The Rock Arts and their Healing music dances.
Please write the proposal to fulfill those 3 requirements above on the first page, and the second page please summarize the useful readings, be critical cuz its only a page, if the proposal is approved by my professor, and I will place another order for the final paper with the same writer =).
And those readings that I have uploaded, its only 4 in there,
please find another 4 sources and provide the links too, so I can mention that on the presentation.

Hi there,
Payment done. Here is the link of my readings to writer

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