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Concert Report Guidelines

One way to approach a concert report is as an opportunity to describe music you have heard to someone who was unable to attend the concert. In order to be clear, you must use your growing musical vocabulary with precision: learn the meanings of the words introduced in your textbook; listen carefully to all selections on the program taking notes so that you can use those impressions when you write your report.

� Use Microsoft Word (a .doc or .docx file) for your papers. I have had difficulties opening papers in other formats, especially Works documents.

Concert Report Length: Your reports should be between 800 and 1000 words. If you find you have more to say, you may go over the limit without penalty. However, I will observe the 800-word minimum. Papers that do not meet this minimum requirement usually do not contain much in the way of analysis. Reports not meeting the 800-word minimum will be marked down accordingly.

Please type your name, MUS, and Winter 2012 in the upper left-hand corner of your paper.

These reports are formal papers.
� Provide a title that reflects the concert you attended/viewed.
� Share your observations and opinions about the pieces. But, provide concrete examples to illustrate what you mean, and support your opinion with analysis. You will have practiced doing this on the Discussion Board for nearly five weeks before you write your first report. Although it can be very interesting all by itself, unsupported opinion tells me nothing about your understanding of the music, which is the main objective in having you write concert reports.
� Avoid calling all of your responses to the music �feelings.� See your �Successful Participation� guide for more.
� Sometimes less is more. �The composer wrote a sad emotion type of piece.� This is a wordy, awkward formulation from an actual paper. All the student needed to say was that the composer wrote a sad piece. Then, of course, s/he would have needed to describe the ways the composer made the music sound sad. �This piece is by Bach� is a weak and wordy substitute for the succinct and tidy �Bach wrote.�
� Grammar, spelling, punctuation, and word choice should all contribute to the clarity of your prose. In other words, they count. PROOFREAD your papers! You cannot imagine how many silly errors you can avoid simply by reading carefully through your work before you submit it.

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