Music Summary Academic Essay

2 full pages length Report 4 (Son Jarocho): CD 1. Select ONE of the following: a) Track 19, El Butaquito (Conjunto Hueyapan) b) Track 21, El Siquisir?? (Conjunto Villa del Mar) Instructions: Include the title, the name of the composer (if known) and of the performer. Identify the instrument or instruments that stand out and mention anything that you noticed about how they were played (m??nicos, plucking, bowing). Describe the singing style. Provide a summary of the lyrics (see the translations in the course reader) and point out any significant details. Length: One (1) page, double-spaced, Times New Roman, size 12 font. Points: You will receive a maximum of ten (10) points for each report. Grading: Your reports will be evaluated as follows: Content (3 points) a) Accuracy: Did you identify the musical genre, title and composer of the selection), instruments and performance technique (including vocal and dance styles) correctly? b) Completeness: Did you provide all of the required information that was identified in the track instructions? c) Supporting Detail: Did you support your statements with actual examples from the track or the readings? Paragraph Construction (2 points) a) Unity: Are your paragraphs focused? Are all the sentences in the paragraph related to the main point? b) Coherence: Do your paragraphs flow logically? Do they make sense? Conventional Academic Grammar (3 pts.) a) Sentence Construction: Have you been careful to avoid incomplete sentences, misplaced modifiers? b) Verbs: Do you have correct verb and subject agreement? Use of correct verb forms? Vocabulary (2 pts.) a) Usage: Have you used words with the correct meaning? b) Spelling: Have you spelled your words correctly?

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