Must be Social Work Perspective Essay

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Must be Social Work Perspective. NO SOCIOLOGY.

From the Social Work Book:

Schriver, J. M. (2010). Human Behavior and the Social Environment: Shifting Paradigms in Essential Knowledge for Social Work Practice. (5th ed.). Boston: Allyn and Bacon.

Write one paragraph summary on chapter 1 from the book listen above, and write one paragraph summary on chapter 2 from the book listed above.

When summarizing those chapters you may also: You may present personal opinions here, BUT you must distinguish them from the values of the social work profession using evidence from the text and the NASW Code of Ethics.

At the end also answer these following questions:

How do we define what it means to be human? How do we explain why people behave the way they do? What is culture? How do we know whether our beliefs and/or knowledge about humans are correct/accurate? Which types of knowledge about people are worth knowing?
Those questions are related to the chapter 1 and 2 that you must write brief summary about, so you can relate those questions with the chapters.

Must write brief summary about chapter 1 and 2. However, separate the two chapters by writing one paragraph about chapter 1 and one paragraph about chapter 2.

For the second page of this paper you must do the same brief summary for chapters 3 and 4. when summarizing chapter 3, please also answer these questions: How do social workers in particular understand and explain human behavior and the social environment? How do the worldviews of social workers affect how they ultimately work with their clients?

When summarizing chapter 4, please answer these question: How do people develop over time? What contributes to their growth and change?

Must give detailed summary of chapters 1-4 from the social work book listed above. however, remember to separate each chapters by writing separated paragraphs for each chapter.

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