Neural Activity Lab Report Academic Essay

Paper detailsThis lab report should consist of all sections, except for Results (you already turned this into me). For the Introduction, youcan explain the basis of what the lab talked about. The lab explained neurons, neural activity, action potential, and otherideas related to these topics. Write a Introduction that explains these topics and give an objective to this lab. There alsoneeds to be a hypothesis on this lab. The hypothesis should state which environment the cockroach leg had the mostneural activity. (either bent or straight AND either at cold or room temperature AND either with oxygen or without). Thehypothesis is very important.For your Results, it should also be very thorough. Describe the method you took to set up the Backyard Brains apparatus.Describe how you cut the cockroach leg (including freezing process). Explain how you used the Backyard Brainsapplication to record neural activity. These are just some ideas on what to cover. The lab consisted of more steps notmentioned previously.For your Discussion, analyze the results you had. Tell me why there was more neural activity for whichever environment.Explain how this relates to action potential and neurons. Your analysis should help me understand your results. Determinewhether your data supported or falsified your hypothesis. (Remember that a hypothesis is NEVER proven or disproven. Ifyou say this, I will definitely dock off points PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT

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