New product by Maybelline Custom Essay

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? Brief environmental aspects affecting the proposed products
? Marketing Mix analysis
? Justification of proposed Mix
? Clarity of decisions
? Research capacity
? Integration of literature

Loreal’s Maybelline line, which is a global, mass market cosmetic manufacturer (mascara, makeup, et cetera) decided to develop a new product /product line. Maybelline wants to offer to the market, for the first time ever, a fragrance for women.

Your task is to search the environment, especially competition and come up with a product idea. You must also investigate the company to ensure full understanding of its strategic goal and objectives, so that the new product will be within the general framework of Maybelline’s target market.

You must conduct marketing research (secondary data) and based on the findings decide on the target group on which the new fragrance will focus.

Having done this, you task is to come up with a good marketing mix for the fragrance. The mix must include:

Brand name
Size of fragrance
Indicative price
Distribution channels, and

All the above will be presented in a report. The report must include short explanations of the theories used and justification for the marketing mix you will adopt.

Students are also expected to include in their reports:

? Abstract
? Table of Contents
? Introduction
? Target group
? Marketing Mix of product
? Conclusion
? Reference list (sources) you must utilise the Harvard Reference System
? Appendices (Optional –not assessed part of the report)

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