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Please see attached requirement and powerpoint presentation for guidance on the paper. The assignment consist of three parts: dispersed leadershiip, new staff and corroboration with the DC stakeholders. My portion of the paper is the new staff.

Our fictional company is a Human Resources consulting firm that was hired by a civil and geotechnical engineering company: Beauregard and Anderson Engineers. BAE is headquartered in Charleston, SC with its senior leadership spread across both Carolinas, Georgia, and Florida. It has been selected to do the civil and geotechnical work on the new Silver Line Metrorail Expansion in the Washington, DC region. BAE doesn’t have a branch office in the region, and asked us to help them stand up a temporary branch and coordinate the construction between the senior BAE leadership spread across the Southeast.

For those outside the DC Metro Region: the Silver Line is the heavy rail extension of mass transit service from Falls Church, VA to Washington Dulles International Airport in Loudon County, VA. More information:

Again, please see attached for requirements for the new staff.

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