Write a five-page response paper (no less than five, no more than six pages) on New Testament Worship. USE SECTIONS 10, 11 AND 12 OF THE MAGNIFICENCE OF WORSHIP BOOK THIS PAPER MUST BE WRITTEN IN CHICAGO STYLE. SEE EXAMPLE PROVIDED. Using the material presented in the textbook, type a response paper on New Testament Worship. The paper should be a full five-page response paper (No less than five pages and no more than six pages) and it must have an introduction. The five required pages do not include the title page, Table of Contents, Endnotes (if you use them), and Bibliography pages with no less than three and no more than five works cited, etc. You must use footnotes according to the Chicago Style. You may use Endnotes, but you must do one or the other. Provide a Bibliography page for each paper listing the actual resources you used for your paper including the textbook(s). A response paper allows you to express your thinking on the subject. You may agree or disagree with the authors of our textbook(s), video material, and/or and my material. WHAT IS A RESPONSE PAPER? A response paper is your response to what you have read about on a particular subject OR chapter in the textbooks and my material. Summarize what you have learned about the subject you have chosen on Christian Worship. Express in your own words the implications of these truths a. In regards to culture and society at that time and now. b. In regards to the church today d. In regards to individual responsibility in light of the scriptural and historical facts you have learned. Summarize briefly, what you have said.

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