Nursing Essay: How effective are pain assessment tools on patients with end stage dementia admitted in hospital Custom Essay

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1. Intellectual skills: 1.1 Choice of topic or subject area and its relevance and application to the field
Very clear choice of topic. Contextualises the topic so that key issues relevant to the field are clearly demonstrated. Good choice of topic, relevancy and application to the field is clearly demonstrated. Clear choice of topic, relevant to field. Choice of topic not always clear or relevant.

1.2 Research question * Clearly stated research question with excellent justification for use. Research question clearly stated and well justified. Research question stated and justified. Some evidence of research question, limited in focus and justification.

1.3 Choice, implementation and justification of research design** and
competency in use Explicit methods appropriately used and justified thorough out. Very good use of methods and well justified. Goods use of methods, which are justified. Appropriate methods used with some justification.

2. Evidence base
Excellent use of salient literature identified and wide use of other resources. Inclusion and exclusion criteria very clearly stated and well justified. Very good use of salient literature and use of other resources. Inclusion and exclusion criteria clearly stated and justified. Good use of salient literature and other sources. Inclusion and exclusion criteria stated and justified. Satisfactory use of salient literature. Some appropriate justification for inclusion.

3. Academic & Practice Learning:
3.1 Presentation of data and analysis Excellent presentation.
New perspectives derived. Argument logical and well developed. Excellent critical analysis and synthesis. Very good presentation.
New insights developed. Arguments logical. Very clear critical analysis and synthesis. Good presentation.
Some new insights developed. Arguments logical. Clear critical analysis and synthesis. Presentation generally clear. Outcomes predictable. Few insights.
Arguments not always clear. Little analysis or synthesis.

3.2 Evidence of personal and professional learning, recommendations for practice. Evaluation of researcher
Evidence of substantial personal and professional learning. Detailed recommendations for practice arising from the body of the work.
Excellent evaluation of the effectiveness of the research approach.

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