Nursing Interview with an older adult Academic Essay

Paper detailsDETAILEDINSTRUCTIONSINTERVIEW WITH AN OLDER ADULT: PART 2, WRITING ASSIGNMENTOverview: In this second interview assignment, you will interview your selected older adult (age 70 and above) once againand ask him or her to answer a second series of assessment questions. Then, you will write a paper based on that secondinterview. This is the second of the threepartassignment.Directions NOTE: as you record the clients information, use only their initials: a) Geriatric Depression Scale: Short Form(Chapter 7: page 175) b) Geriatric Pain Assessment (Chapter 9, page 214, Box 92)c) Assessment of environment andadvanced directives: Ask the patient if there are any safety issues in the home including stairs (narrow, poor lighting,inadequate railings), bathroom (including toilet and bathing facilities save with hand railings and lighting), and is the homefree of clutter (cords and scatter rugs, and adequate lighting). Does the patient have an advanced directive or living will?(Use the questions listed in table 21 Chapter 3 page 57 that apply to the topics listed above). 3. List one teaching topicand a list of interventions or items that require teaching as identified from the assessment of environment or advanceddirectives questions. Support your topic with the rationale of why this is important to your client and support with two peerreviewarticle citations and references. Include topic and list of interventions and any supporting citation and reference.*NOTE: Due to copyright restrictions, assessment instruments cannot be published. Refer to the textbook pages listed toobtain the interview questions. Using these questions, conduct your interview and compose your summarization from theinformation obtained in the interview.4. After completing the assessment tools or questions listed, write a paper summarizing your overall impression of the clientincluding each assessment tool score or answers to the questions. Include one teaching topic with appropriateinterventions and citation and reference. NOTE: as you record the clients information, use only their initials.Directions for paper: Use APA style format?? paper should be neatly typed and without errors. Write a paper consisting of500750words summarizing your overall impression of the client?? NOTE: as you record the clients information, use onlytheir initials. Include a minimum of 3 credible and refereed citations and references in which one may be your textbookand two references must come from peer reviewed journals (search on the internet for the definition and examples of peerreviewed journals).NRSE 4560: MODULE 4: ASSESSMENT 10: WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT INTERVIEWWITH AN OLDER ADULT PART2 DETAILEDINSTRUCTIONSLast updated: 08/07/2015 ?2015 School of Nursing OhioUniversity Page 2 of 2 PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT

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