Nursing MORAL DISTRESS Academic Essay

Paper detailsGuidelines for Ethical Dilemma Paper, Due Sunday, April 10, at 2359 (1159 pm).Choose from one of the following topics.1. Moral distress: is the topic i have chosen from the textbook Burkhardt, M. & Nathaniel, A. (2015). Ethics and Issues inContemporary Nursing (4th edition). Stamford, CT: Cengage Learning. the textbook definition is the reaction to a situation inwhich there are moral problems that seem to have a clear solution, yet one is unable to follow ones moral beliefs becauseof external restraints. This may be evidenced in anger fustration, dissatisfaction, and poor performance in the work setting.Focus of paper:What ethical dilemmas and conflicts are presented in the topic you have chosen?Examine identified ethical principles as they apply to legal, social, and professional nursing considerations related to theethical topic you have chosen.Review the American Nurses Association Code of Ethics. What, if any, position does the ANA hold on the topic of yourchoice?How would you handle, both personally and professionally, working in a venue with a patient/ client/ work situation inwhich the ethical topic of your choice was involved?Requirements of paper:4 to 5 page paper not including title page or reference pageWordprocessedDouble spaced12 point Times New Roman fontFollows APA (6th ed.) formatReferences not older than 5 years unless landmark studies.References:Need to have a minimum of 4 (four) scholarly articles as references. Need to be current (less than 5 years).Electronic references need to take the reader directly to the informationRUBIC TO FOLLOW PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT

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