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Description of Assignment: Concept map with reflective commentary
The purpose of the assignment is to facilitate student development in:
understanding relationships between determinants of health, chronic conditions, a person-centred approach and improving outcomes in the care of people living with chronic conditions;
nursing care and management and self-management of the person with a chronic condition;
the role of self management and person-centredness in improving outcomes;
Your main or key concept should be easily identified and subconcepts should branch appropriately from main idea to a hierarchical depth of at least four (4) concept levels. Graphically describe the relationships between your chosen concepts in relation to living with chronic illness. Use the map to connect concepts and facts (nodes) and to demonstrate relationships between:
1) determinants of health;
2) chronic conditions;
3) person-centredness; and
4) improving outcomes.
Your map should contain appropriate descriptive links between nodes (short phrases or specific/descriptive words showing the relationship between concepts). Do not repeatedly reuse the same link; construct a variety of links that describe the unique relationship between specific nodes and include specific examples that clarify the meaning of a given concept.
Reflective Commentary (500 words )
Description of the concept map
? Demonstrates personal response to mapping of key concepts
? Explores the mapping process with appropriate depth
? Supports concepts and relationships in mapping with references to current research( Vancouver referencing)

The reflective commentary will provide a description and reflection of the student?s development of the concept map.
Tools used :
What are the relationships?
What is going on here?

This is outline of concept map ; we were asked to justify why we put certain things in
And how we constructed map ????? this is about person centeredness , not the illness .
Please take what you need out of this and reword, uploaded the map for your viewing. all references are there just need to place them in Vancouver style

Introduction: This paper a reflective commentary ?? blah blah blah ( 50 words )
Target goal: Development of a concept map to demonstrate relationships between:
determinants of health; chronic conditions; person-centeredness; and improving outcomes.
Constructing my Concept Map

Whats this map about ? ????
To create my concept map I used the fictional character of Kay a 78 year old lady, who is a smoker and has chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). This causes airflow to be obstructed during expiration. This Increases her work of breathing and causing her dyspnoea (11). I wanted to shows that the interaction of many factors can combine together to affect the health of individuals and families. The context of people?s lives may determine whether people are healthy or not (6). These determinates are shown on the concept map on the left hand side as biological, behavioural, environmental and socioeconomic. They may act independently or work in combination to produce accumulated risk for poor health (1,5). The map clearly shows kay?s smoking behaviour is impacting on her health and may be contributing to exacerbating her COPD symptoms. The nurses would need to explore how her chronic illness is effecting her quality of life, family relationships ect. The concept map shows a person centred approach concepts explore ??????????????. Ect ect
Person centred care. Puts the person at the centre of health care plan development and delivery. Has a partnership between the person and her care provider. The power is shared . Addresses critical role that a person?s behaviour plays (especially for chronic care and prevention) and how to achieve target behaviours (e.g. smoking cessation). Provides care and support between episodes of illness. Provides care in a way in which the person is better willing and able to succeed. Shares the right information at the right time in a way usable by the person. Optimizes involvement of the person in self-care. Truly personalizes care taking into account persons environment, roles, interests, likes and dislikes culture beliefs, readiness and preferences. Gets to know the person and what?s important to them. Optimizes health outcomes and status for the person.
Method used to construct map
? I started with a pen and large piece of paper, writing down the main topic in the form of a question. How to provide person centred care with chronic illness? The next step was to make a rough list of all the most important concepts I could think of that were associated with the topic. Previous university class discussion, lectures and readings guided this process. There was no real organisation to my writing at this stage. Therefore I had to come back to edit and sort through the list. I found some terms may were related to the subject, but not in a way that meets the project goals. I circle points that seem worth keeping; cross out ideas that seem like dead ends; drew lines between points that connected and added new points as they occurred to me . This left me with some real solid ideas I could use to create my concept map.
The next step was to construct a preliminary concept map. Using a computer programme called, IHMC Cmap Tools I was able move concepts around easily until I achieved good organisation. I restructured the map several times until the most general concepts were placed at the top of the map and the more specific, less general concepts were arranged hierarchically below. The linking words specified the relationship between concepts and cross links.

At first glance my concept map looks like a mess of boxes and lines; however to me it made perfect sense. I feel I organised the information in a way that enabled me to make connections between facts and ideas, thereby making the material easier to for me to remember. Overall it was an enjoyable assessment task; I liked the freedom of being creative with the ideas and links. The one frustration was trying to summarise all the information into small concepts,
? Person Centred Care takes into account the determinants of health
? Nurses providing care need to explore the underlying factors , known to influence and contribute to an individual?s health status (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare 2012).

? Recognizes that it is the interaction of many biological, behavioural, environmental and socioeconomic factors that “cause” health or illness, (Keleher & MacDougall 2009).

? For example behaviour case study : Kay ?COPD, Chronic lung disease that interferes with normal breathing (Laine,Goldman& Littner 2008).
? Smoking tobacco causes 80% to 90% of COPD cases (Weinhold, 2007).
? COPD common causes of morbidity and mortality (Laine,Goldman& Littner 2008).

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