Obesity and Foot Structure in Children and Adolescents Essay

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Need an introduction which places the study in context e.g. What is obesity how is it decided that someone is obese? Is there general agreement on what obesity is internationally? How is it measured? Is there general agreement on measurement of obesity?(remember we had an article critisising measurements and file is attached) If not then where do you go from there?(If not still mention that in this thesis we will going to look for evidence in studies of it) Now I need a definition of obese children and adolescents – Studies we have criticized included children from 4 till 18 years of age and it’s a pity not to use them cause I payed almost 500 dollars for them. So please find other reasons or studies on obesity which used more children between 4 and 18 years of age.Once we have defined our population and the aspect of that age group we are looking at, then we can go onto to determine how it will be measured. That done we can then set the scene for a literature review – which databases did we search, what search terms did we use, how will we deice on which literature to use for the review. Focus on obese children and adolescents and what literature says on its affect on their feet. Remember my study focus whether if there is enough evidence to support that obesity in children and adolescents is detrimental to the feet in the obese paediatric population and also if assessment tools used to measure or evaluate foot structure in paediatric obese individuals are reliable and consistent. I AM ALSO ATTACHING THE FILE LITERATURE REVIEW IVAN WHICH IS MOST OF THE WORK YOU HAVE DONE. SEE WHAT ARE MY TUTORS COMMENTS AND AMEND AS ASKED BY HIM PLEASE. LET ME KNOW IF SOMETHING IS NOT CLEAR. THANKS AGAIN

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