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Read Michel Foucault Mechanism of power . There will be two main topics/components. The first topic will be to interpretate Michel Foucault Mechanism of power. The second is to then apply it to three different readings I will provide you with the title of those shortly. In one of the readings Susan Bordo’s “The male body” perhaps “the gaze” that Bordo talks about in the beginning of her essay can be directly related to the penopticon it can be said that the advertisement that has a mans “gaze” could be possibly looking at me as a sense of judgment like the penopticon eye. With John Berger the other reading we can say that he wants to return the power to the people or the (art viewer) please write a few paragraphs about mystification from Berger and Nochlin explain the relationships of power in the works of Nochlin Bordo and Berger Please also see the instructions I have attached to my order.

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