Online Healthcare and Nursing Courses Custom Essay

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This week you are asked to conduct an Internet search for free online courses in any kind of format�from multi-week courses to one-time tutorials�on nursing or other healthcare topics.

Locate at least two such courses that are addressed to audiences whom you are interested in teaching. For instance, if you wish to focus on patient education, locate two online modules, on any healthcare topic, that are meant for patients or general populations. If you want to specialize in continuing education for nurses or staff development, find online courses that are addressed to this audience.

With these thoughts in mind:

Post the URLs of the free courses you reviewed and your critique of them. Your post should include the following for each of the two courses:

�Summarize briefly the course’s topic and intended audience.

�How easy or difficult is it to navigate within this course? Is it “user friendly”?

�Are the media elements and activities appropriate for the content and audience? For instance, if the course includes audio or video files, is this an effective medium for the subject matter? Is the intended audience likely to have the skills and technology (e.g., software, fast enough Internet access, etc.) needed to complete the lessons?

�Which learning theory does the course seem to illustrate? Behaviorist? Constructivist? “Guided constructivist”? Another? Explain why.

�Suggest at least one way you could enhance the learning experience of this course and provide your rationale.

Chapter 23 – “Teaching and Learning in Online Learning Communities”
In addition to describing how educators develop online courses, this chapter summarizes principles of online course design and suggests ways to facilitate effective online discussion forums.
o Course Text: Developing Online Learning Environments in Nursing Education
Chapter 8 – “Course Management Methods”
What are the differences and similarities in managing an online course vs. a traditional course? This chapter identifies several factors that contribute to effective online course management, such as providing explicit information on course procedures at the beginning of the course, and timely feedback to students. A table at the end provides a sample of an online syllabus.
o Chapter 7 – “Interacting and Communicating Online”
Communication in online learning must be structured to make the most of the online environment. This chapter discusses ways of facilitating effective student-to-student and group interactions, promoting active learning, and building a sense of community.
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