Only an idiot can still believe that the [First World] War was not caused by imperialism.’ (Nickolai Bukharin, The ABC of Communism, 1921.) Discuss Essay

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Introduction to be very short concentrate more on the main body and conclusion Should have arguments and counter arguments different views of people should be included on the topic should not be generalized HAS TO BE AN ANALYTICAL ESSAY with a good conclusion Listed below is a reading list which might help READINGS Baumgart, Winfried, Imperialism: the idea and reality of British & French colonial expansion, 1880-1914 (Oxford, OUP, 1982) Bridgham, Fred, ed., The First World War as a clash of Cultures (NY, Camden House, 2006) Henig, Ruth, The origins of the first world war ( London, Routledge, 2002) Lenin, V I, Imperialism the highest stage of capitalism (note – this can be downloaded free from many sites) Joll, James, The Origins of the first world war (Harlow, Longman, 2000) Neiberg, Michael S., The World War 1 reader (London & NY, NY U P, 2007) Stevenson, David, The First World War & International Politics (Oxford, OUP, 1988) Wrigley, Chris, ed., The First World War & the international economy (London, E Elgar, 2000)

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