.Open ChemLab and select Bond Lab when prompted.

.Open ChemLab and select Bond Lab when prompted. 2.Read through the Introduction in BOTH the course and in ChemLab. Some labs include some modification from the ChemLab instructions and if so, these modifications will be listed in our course with each lab..3.Watch the following intro video: bond lab ( in Chemlab 2.51 ) 4.Follow the Procedure as outline in ChemLab. 5.Perform the lab, collecting the indicated data as noted in the observations section (create your own data table within your lab report collecting the specific data from this list)..6.Perform the various calculations with your collected data as listed in the labs observations section and create a data table in MS Word or Excel to organize the data you collect. 7.Write a lab report of the lab within MS Word. (There is a Sample Lab Report and Lab Report Instructions files in week 1s course folder).8.Include in your discussion in the Analysis and Discussion secton the following:What are the correlations between the properties investigated and the type of bonds?What do the conductivity readings tell you about the different bonds?What do the melting points tell you about the different bonds?What does the solubility in ethanol and water tell you about the bonds of the solute and solvent?.

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