Operation Management

1-Suppose company A sells unique products at premium prices, and company B sells standard products with quick delivery. Compare their strategy on how they manage all types of inventory. Discuss what function each type of inventory provides for each company. 2- Suppose a company produces many types books where some take longer time to produce then others due to types of pages, color and size. The production manager would like to conduct a high-level production plan for the next 6 months. Propose a planning technique by discussing units used to plan, inputs required, steps required to conduct the planning and various planning options. 3- Suppose a manufacturing company supplies plastic bottles to another manufacture making Dove liquid soap bottles to sell to Carrefour in Dubai. The bottle manufacturer is frustrated about having high fluctuations in demand when actually, consumer demand does not vary that much. Discuss this common problem that may occur in this supply chain and propose solutions to fix the situation. [3 marks] 4- A watch manufacturer offers a variety of designs to its customers, which can be assembled to order and delivered quickly to customers. a) Describe a process design strategy that would be appropriate for this manufacturer. b) If the demand varies significantly throughout the year, explain two tactics that can be used to match their production capacity to the demand. no references needed

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