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1. You will be required to deliver an oral presentation (OP) in a group of three (occasionally a group of four).
2. You must write a reflection after your OP to consider the lessons learned from it and reflecting on the feedback given by peers and the tutor.
3. The reflection is to be 250 words (+/- 10%). A word count should be in brackets at the end of the reflection.
4. The reflection is to be typed (1.5 line spacing) and in 12 point Arial font.

The reflection should include the following parts:

? ? Introduction: this includes details such as the topic assigned to your group, your group members, tutor, and the date and location of your presentation.

1. Topic: ?English? ? Oh, it?s just work!? A study of BELF users? perceptions”.
2. Group members: Hussain, Tom and Peter.
3. Tutor: Bob
4. Date and location: 25/04/2012 (study room) at the University.

? ? Body: this includes a brief description of the experience (i.e. how your group went about the preparation and the delivery of the OP), a description of key points in any feedback received (both positive and negative), and a description of your appraisal of that feedback (including any points for improvement or commendation that were not mentioned). It may also include a reflection on the group preparation process.

1- Brief description of the experience:
? It was a first experience for all of us to work as team members to present in front of our class mates.
? We were little bit wary how we are going to be, it also was an excellent experience.
? Unfortunately, it was very hard topic for us to present comparing to other easy topics.

2- key points feedback received:
? Good looking.
? Well prepaid.
? Well using power point slides plus using laser pointer as a technology to switch and point between slides.
? Some of have good pronunciation and well present.

? All of us were little bit nerves.
? All of us were read from a note which was not good comparing to other presenters and also was not good from the tutor point of view.
? Some point was difficult to understand.

3- Your appraisal of that feedback:
? It was very good to know my positive and negative comments in order to support and improve my presenting skills.
? In my future presentation I should be aware to use these comments and follow them.

? ? Conclusion: this sums up your overall evaluation of the experience, and indicates your greatest lesson(s) learned from it and any future plans.

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