Organizational Justice Custom Essay

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Assignment. Please write a 5 page article on:- \”What is Academic Research in Business Administration and How has the Research in (your chosen research field-Organizational justice Evolved?\” Expectation. Please integrate what you learned from the assigned articles-Lee, Allen S. & Hubona, Geoffery S. (2009). A scientific basis for rigor in information systems research, MIS Quarterly, 33(2), 237-262. Cascio wf, Aguisnis H. (2008). Research in industrial and organizational psychology from 1963 to 2007: Changes, choices, and trends, Journal of Applied Psychology, 93(5), 1062-1081. Banker R. D. , & Kauffman R. J. (2004). The evolution of research on information systems: A Fiftieth-year survey of the literature in management science, Management Science, 50(3), 281-298. And articles you have found yourself. Please discuss your understanding of what academic research is in business administration, and an overview of the reseach development in your chosen field. (Note: Please use appropriate APA style of referring in your writing).Note: For the assigned articles you can use PROQUEST and EBSCOWeb for your search. I will do the cover page myself. Leave it blank in the same format. Use Word 2003 format

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