Organizational Learning in Higher Education Institution’s Administrative areas Custom Essay

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Organizational learning within institutes of higher education (IHE’s) is a concept that shows the role of research offices, libraries and most importantly, institutional leaders in the IHE. Organizational learning shows the incorporation of concepts such as researching, library use and institutional leaders in order to enhance learning in the higher learning institutions. However, the concepts of organizational learning have not always been fully utilized in the organizations to order improve institutional learning. IHEs must distinguish between organizational learning and a learning organization in order to improve their services to students. Organizational learning requires preparation and presentation of knowledge to the learners in order to enhance effective learning. Practice is another concept of organizational learning in IHEs. Employees (like students of the IHE) should practice what they learn in order to improve their understanding of the contents of learning. The aim of this paper is to discuss the problems that IHE’s encounter in integrating organizational learning into their administration

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