A short (2 page) report is due at the beginning of next week?s lab period. It is a partial, rather than full, report and should be prepared and submitted individually, rather than in groups. It will consist only of the Experimental Procedures and Conclusions sections of a full report. You have practiced writing these sections of a lab report already. This is your opportunity to improve based on the feedback you received from your TA. To review: The Experimental Procedures ideally should be clear enough that someone who hasn?t done your experiment could reproduce your results. As an alternative to written text, your Experimental Procedures may also be presented in the form of a detailed flow chart. The Experimental Procedures section should also include any equations you used and example calculations. A person reading this section should also be able to use their raw data and calculate results that are the same as (or similar to) your results. The Conclusions section should (1) summarize the objective of the experiment, (2) state your overall results, (3) and briefly outline the interpretation of your results. (4) Describe what you learned or concluded from doing the experiment. Often, scientists make mention of (5) what they might try to do differently next time PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT

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