Page Description: Provide an explanation of ‘Resourcing’ and ‘Development’ Custom Essay

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Conduct a critical analysis of the concept of ‘Added value’ in relation to resourcing and development activities undertaken within the workplace. You should use HRM/HRD theory to support your work. Higher marks will be awarded where students illustrate their work with contemporary HRM/HRD examples gained from academic papers and /or professional journals.

Provide examples of 3 areas that could make a real difference to a workplace that you have some knowledge of. This knowledge could be from a work placement, a job that you have done/are doing or an article that you have read about in a HRM/HRD journal. You must use one example from ‘resourcing and one example from ‘development’ and one from either area.

Your report should conclude with reasoned and supported recommendations to improve current organizational practice

Extra Requirement: books/journals/articles/website(CIPD)

Suggestion Sources: taylor books
CIPD Website
• Taylor. S (2008) People Resourcing .CIPD
• Harrison. R (2009) Learning and Development. CIPD
• Beardwell ,J. and Claydon, T (2010) Human Resource Management .Pearson .

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