Paratransit Policy Companies Academic Essay

Paratransit Policy Companies such as Lyft and Uber are taking advantage of new information technology to deliver efficient, on-demand service. However, these new forms of paratransit have met stiff resistance from taxicab unions and shuttle operators who are incensed that these companies are allowed to take traditional cab business without being required to obtain the same certifications from their drivers or provide the same service to the handicapped. Are the taxi and shuttle operators justified in their grievances or are they simply the next victim of new technology? Final Paper: The final paper will be an individual assignment that will complement your group project and test your mastery of the concepts we discuss in this course. Papers should be 8-10 pages in length, double-spaced and include page numbers. Citations should be done using footnotes formatted in MLA style. Final papers are due on finals week. For your final paper, you will analyze and evaluate practices related to your groups project topic. Based on core readings from the course and at least 2 additional sources from your own research, your task will be to review agreements and disagreements by noted authors and public officials regarding the efficacy of these various strategies, practices, and policy options. You will evaluate practices in terms of achieving multiple social, environmental, and economic objectives and will cover the tradeoffs associated with these objectives. You must propose how agencies would best measure success on your particular topic by choosing a specific metric(s) to measure. Discuss what type of data you would need in order for prospective users to properly determine their success according to proposed metrics. This paper will require you to synthesize the viewpoints of multiple authors into a coherent prospective portfolio of established or emergent strategies and logically determine how to best evaluate the successes and failures of a portfolio of strategies. Once this literature review has been completed, you will conclude the paper with your own perspective on the issue you have chosen, using the frameworks we discuss in class, including but not limited to logic models linking vision to goals and metrics and strategies to actions and outcomes. 1 Please follow the instruction above. 2 Based on the requirement above, you have to choose one field of paratransit to discuss, (e.g.: work opportunities, environmental impact etc), which means you have to ask a specific question about paratransit, do some research, find out what others say, analyze, and have a final conclusion. It would be great if you can base your research on Uber and Lyft as mentioned above. 3 Please provide in depth analysis on the filed you choose. 4 Please write in simple language. This paper is very important to me, thank you so much for your effort! PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT

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