People Leadership and Management Custom Essay

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People Leadership & Management
The report should be a maximum 2000 words.
Assignment Objective
The objective of the assignment to assess the student’s ability to critically evaluate approaches, ideas and evidence in the area of people leadership and management to a practical case scenario, support that case application through the use of critical analysis, and come up with reasonable conclusion, together with appropriate recommendations.

The Assignment
Critically evaluate a behavioral trait that might adversely affect effective leadership. To support your analysis it is imperative that comprehensive literature review is conducted.
Identify a non-fictitious organizational setting as a case-in-point and critically evaluate the playing out of the leadership issues in question.
In your evaluation, you must specifically:
1. Include primary and secondary research, observation and interviews.
2. Recommend solutions to be implemented.
3. Discuss possible implementation challenges.

Assignment Marking Scheme

15% will be allocated to the evaluation of the behavioral trait that might adversely affect effective leadership.
50% to be designated to the critical evaluation of the leadership issues in the chosen organizational setting.
25% will be allocates to the recommended solutions.
10% will be allocated to the discussion of possible implementation challenges.

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