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Assignment Description:2000 words This assignment will check your understanding of different learning methods, and which methods are best suited to yourself. It is also designed to show your ability to utilise the personal effectiveness improvement tools and techniques discussed on the course within your own work environment Part 1 (50%) You are to produce a personal written report demonstrating your knowledge and understanding of the key transferable skill areas that are relevant to becoming more effective within the work place. The key skills are: Presentation skills Effective decision making Acting assertively Team building and being a team player Effective management of your time Part 2 (50%) You are to describe in the report your understanding of the different learning styles and identify your own learning style, ideally with examples and evidence. NB: Your reading for this assignment must include significant engagement with at least four texts, including at least one recent journal article This engagement must be clear from the content of your work as well as from your references. Learning Outcomes to be met in this assignment Identify the personal and Professional skills needed to work successfully in an organisation (A1) Identify your own learning style. (A2) Produce a personal development plan to review and monitor progress for future development needs (A3) Referencing & Plagiarism On occasions you may want to use someone else’s words, in which case you must indicate that you have done so and give a full reference. Be careful not to do this sort of quoting too often in a document. The document could end up as quotations from others strung together with a few words by you, and that is not acceptable, even if every quotation is referenced. Marking Criteria Pass: 40-55% Two possible solutions to the issue are identified. Evidence demonstrates clearly the action(s) taken by the candidate in addressing the issue. Merit 55-69% Two or more possible solutions are identified and described, a step-by-step account of the actions taken to address the issue is provided. Candidate’s views on the effectiveness of his/her actions are stated. Distinction 70-100% A comprehensive account describing and analysing the implementation of each step of the Action Plan is provided. The candidate clearly and coherently evaluates the outcomes of his/her actions and specifies any other actions required. Relevance of this assignment to your Personal Development Plan: · Develop your skills in relation to seeking information on your assignment · Develop your existing skills or acquire new competencies in research techniques · On completion of the assignment, record your reflections on your own learning, performance and achievement in your PDP

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