Personal Development and Ethics Custom Essay

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This assignment will test the following learning outcomes:
1. Plan and develop personal, academic and career goals
2. Use primary and secondary sources and research methods
3. Conduct outside reading and research
4. Present information effectively in a written report format
5. Apply Harvard referencing techniques
Area Weighting %
1. Ability to critically analyse the results from learning style, self audits, X-Y Theory
2. Identification of targets for improvement. Evidence of using SWOT analysis, TOWS matrix
3. Ability to critically evaluate and reflect on Personal Development Planning (PDP). Evidence of using action plan and providing an updated and professional CV for target employers in appendix.
4. Evidence of outside reading and research 15
5. Appropriate report format and writing style. Quality of presentation and written work
6. Correct referencing style and procedure

The written assignment must:
 Use formal report structure and layout and academic writing skills introduced in this module to communicate your findings.
 Include a title page, contents page, appropriate referencing and appendices.
 Be word processed, 1.5 or double line spaced, Arial 12 and word counted on the text should be shown on the cover page.
 Page number should be shown clearly throughout the document.
 Be not more than 2,500 words counting from introduction to conclusion/recommendation excluding appendices. Exceeding this word count by +/- 10% will incur an alpha point penalty.

Assignment 1 Written Analysis
You are required to plan and prioritise your PDP in terms of career prospects and related learning based on the tasks indicated on this page. The course you are embarking upon lays the foundation for a career path as a future engineering professional within which personal development, vocational skills development, a responsibility for learning, and the ability to learn are essential. As a first or second year student on your programme you should reflect upon how you can build and enhance a portfolio of career skills which you can offer a prospective graduate employer.
You will need to evaluate and provide evidence of:
– Where you are now ¡V where you want to be and how you will get there ?
– Knowledge, Skills, Attitude (KSA) you need to develop to achieve your qualification and employability as a graduate.
– Which areas have seen most progressive change over the 1st term of year 1 Early ongoing tasks will be:
a) to complete the relevant self¡Vevaluation audits/questionnaires related to weekly sessions. These are to be inserted in the appendices of your report and the information incorporated into your main report.
b) produce a current and professional Curriculum Vitae (CV) also for insert in the appendices

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