Personal statement using to apply universities custom essay

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I need a personal statement using to apply universities.
(Your preparation and motivation to pursue upper-division studies in business.
Your ability to contribute to the educational experience of other students at UW Bothell.
Other factors that you wish to bring to the Admissions Committees attention.)
20 years old. Male. Inrernational student from china.
study at Shoreline Community College from 2009’s fall to 2012’s spring.
Major:Business,more like management.
3.76:It’s my GPA during my college life until now. I will get my AA degree after 2012s spring quarter which means I will finished all of my major required courses before I enter into the university. No fails. College level GPA is 3.76 now, cumulative GPA is 3.54 now.
2: I have done two volunteer works until now in the U.S ONE IS WORKING FOR LOCAL FOOD BANK(DONE TWICE) One is taking care of children.

I broke my hands during 2011’s summer vocation when I was riding a motorbike, that’s why I didn’t take 2011’s fall quarter.

Love playing pool(snooker). Need more thinking when we play pool.

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