Philosophy of leadership

Philosophy of Leadership 600 Week 8 Assignment and Rubric Length: Paper: 8 – 10 double-spaced pages (excluding title and references pages) Personal Philosophy of Leadership Paper Guidelines Prepare n an 8 – 10 page paper that includes your definition of leadership, discusses three leadership theories that have influenced you, analyzes your leadership style, examines followership, and reflects on insights gained. A well-constructed paper will reference 6 or more scholarly sources including 5 journal articles , and adhere to APA standards. Leadership Definition Provide your definition of leadership and what has influenced this definition. Your definition must be original but supported by the work of others. Support your analysis with two (2) or more scholarly sources including one (1) journal article. Leadership Theories Discuss three (3) major leadership theories that have most influenced your thinking on leadership and leaders . In your leadership challenge paper, you discussed classical leadership theories. In this paper, consider including the contemporary approaches of Authentic, Servant and/or Transformational Leadership. Select at least two theories or models that you haven’t already written about in week 5 for your final paper. Define and describe the components of the selected theories us ing four (4) or more scholarly sources including three (3) journal articles. Leadership Style Analyze your strengths and style(s) as a leader . Use three (3) or more assessments from the Northouse text to assess your effectiveness in theleadership approaches as described in the above section; and compare your qualities and characteristics to those of effective leaders. Support your analysis with two (2 ) or more scholarly sources including one (1) journal article. Followership Discuss what effective followership is and why it is an important component of leadership. How can you enhance your effectiveness as a follower and encourage it in others? Support your analysis with one (1) or more scholarly sources. Reflective Analysis In two ? three pages, reflect on three (3) key leadership lessons you have learned from this course. What has influenced you the most and has been of the most value to you)? How has your thinking and/or behavior changed to enhance your leadership practice? Describe two (2) specific action you will take to enhance your leadership effectiveness

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