Phones Should Be Used in Schools custom essay

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Write the paper according to the outline below or attached. Add Bibliograaphy of 6 sources using APA style citation. Use citations on all sentences that have been copied or paraphrased from the source. Please use the original APA style citation in between every copied or paraphrased sentence. Also, use easy to understand words and not really confusing words. This is the outline: Why Say No to Phones?
I. Introduction
A. Many people believe that phones should be permitted in schools.
1. Most schools ban using phones inside school property.
II. Thesis I say students should be allowed to use phones in schools because they can be contacted if there�s an emergency, parents can be in touch with their children, and they can be used as useful gadgets in class.
III. Cell phones are good for emergencies
A. Students can use cell phones for emergencies.
B. Students can call the police in case of an emergency.
1. Ex. If someone got hurt.
IV. Students can be in touch with their parents
A. If a student forgot a book at home, he can use the cell phone to call his parents to get his book.
B. If a students driver was late for pick-up, he can call him.
V. Cell phones can be used as useful gadgets in class
A. If a student forgot his calculator or dictionary at home he can use his cell phone instead.
VI. Refutation
A. Objections
1. Cell phones make loud noises and may distract the teacher in class.
2. Students may use cell phones to play games in class.
B. Replies
1. Call phones can be put in silent mode.
2. Teachers can give students a warning then take the phone away for the rest of the school day.
VII. Conclusion
A. In conclusion, I am with and not against the use of cell phones in schools. Students can use their phones in schools to contact someone for emergencies, to contact their parents, and because they can be useful gadgets in class.

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