Plagiarism, What it is and How to Avoid It Essay

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Module 2: The Research Paper– Avoiding Plagiarism
Research is the investigation of the ideas that will support your thesis. By definition it requires the inclusion of the work of another\’s writings. This means using notes and bibliographic information to document sources so that when you write your paper you are:
• acknowledging those who influenced your research
• establishing the accuracy and authority of your sources
• enabling your reader to locate the same source

Review the definitions and examples of plagiarism given on the Web pages below.
• from the Cabrillo College Writing Center.
• from Dalhousie University.
• from The New York

Question # 1
Plagiarism — What it is and how to avoid it?

briefly describe what is an acceptable use of the following passage from The Best American Short Stories 1989, edited by Margaret Atwood and Shannon Ravenel, Houghton Mifflin Company. Boston: 1989.

How do we learn our notions of what a story is? What sets \”a story\” apart from mere background noise, the wash of syllables that surround us, and flows through us, and is forgotten everyday? What makes a good story a unified whole, something complete and satisfying in itself?

Answer the above question in one page

Question # 2
ASSIGNMENT: briefly describe your chosen topic for your research paper. Narrow your focus as much as possible at this early date. If possible, provide a tentative thesis (the main position you plan to take), and/or specific questions you\’d like answered. Remember, your research will hone your topic, and your thesis or position may shift as you research, write, and revise your final report. Your research proposal, due in two weeks, will present the specific thesis/problem for your paper after you\’ve done preliminary research, so it\’s OK to be general at this point.

The whole posting should be at least 300 words. In addition to identifying your general area for research, include the following information in your posting:

Methods: Present a plan of action–how you will begin researching your topic? who might you interview? what kind of background information or statistics might be helpful?
Keywords: List at least five terms, words or phrases that you will use to begin your research. These should be descriptors for your topic/problem and may include individual people, organizations, places, or larger areas of relevant study. When you go to research sites, you will be entering these keywords into databases to elicit articles and information for your paper.
Questions and problems: Try to troubleshoot any problems that might come up in your research–narrowing a broad topic, access to information, or conflicts of interest that might inhibit or bias your research. Addressing these concerns early can prevent you from going into a subject that you can\’t find enough information about (or too much information) and can begin your critical thinking process for research and writing.
Next week, a classmate will review your topic and come up with questions for you to consider; you can help them out with next week\’s posting if you can identify some issues or questions on which you\’d like more feedback!


1. Write your research statement in the box below:
2. Write a few questions you want to answer:
3. List some of the broader terms:
4. List some of the narrower terms:

Here is the one of the students example

Step 1: Topic
Health Care Access
Step 2: Describe the problem, origins, possible solution.
Health care in America is unjust and inefficient. It costs too much, covers too little, and excludes too many. As the economy deteriorates, it is rapidly getting worse.
Lack of health care for millions of people in the richest nation in the world is a moral outrage. As a model democracy for the world, we must work to achieve a world-class health care system that affirms the worth and dignity of every human life. Injustice in health care has life-long effects on an individual\’s ability to learn and work.
Step 3: List some Broader Terms for your topic
Distributive Justice
Health Services Accessibility
Equality — Health Aspects
Step 4: List some Narrower Terms
Right to Health Care — United States
Health Care Reform — California
Medical Care — Finance — Law and Legislation

answer this in the rest of the words left

here is the research proposal its due in 2 weeks so i am gonna oder this later but i am posting this so you can get a idea. can you give me your name or something else so that way when i order the research proposal they give you to write it.


(((Writing Assignment: Project Proposal & Source Critique

Purpose: As part of the research process, you need to submit a formal proposal for your final report. This proposal has several functions:

to commit you to a working thesis statement or specific research question
to serve as an organizing tool in preparation for writing
to assess potential resources and explore previous research in the topic area
to allow potential problems to surface at an early stage in your research
Your proposal should be organized into two parts, both of them single-spaced. The first part is a page long description of your working thesis and an analysis of your intended audience (or a potential audience). The second part is an annotated bibliography in which you list and analyze at least three researched sources on your topic (see note below on using Library 10 to help you with part two).

Your proposal should have a somewhat formal tone, and it should be formatted so that it is easy to follow (using headings for each section, and bullets or other lists where appropriate). When writing in single-spaced report format, align your writing to the left side of the page, and double-space between paragraphs rather than indenting.

As you begin working on your proposal, consider the following questions:

Is the issue you wish to address of current interest and relevant to any person or group, local or otherwise?
Can you offer NEW interpretations, examples, insight, recommendations, or proposed solutions? Do you have personal insight or experience with the subject?
How did you become interested in it originally? Does an audience exist who would be interested in your ideas? Do you know how to reach your readers? Do you understand their needs?
Can you find the information that you need to carry out the work you propose in the remaining three weeks left in the term?
Feel free to rewrite the headings in this assignment to reflect your specific topic, but be sure to include all information required below:

Step 1: Working Thesis & Audience Analysis.

Statement of the Problem and/or Working Thesis (1/2 page, single spaced)
Describe your topic (the situation you are analyzing in your report); be sure to address a problem, issue or question in its context. Your topic should be related to our general theme of Social Justice, and you\’ll need to make that connection clear. A successful proposal should persuade the reader that your topic is timely and significant whether it\’s an issue of local or international significance. Try to come up with one sentence that encapsulates your position or central question on the topic: a working thesis. Your position and thesis may evolve and become more precise as you proceed with your research and drafting, but it\’s important to start somewhere. Make sure that the scope of your thesis is narrow and clearly defined to start so that you don\’t take on an issue that\’s too broad to cover in detail. This is also the place to present potential ideas for recommendations or solutions to be investigated.

Broad topic: \”Student poverty in Santa Cruz County\”
Narrow thesis: \”Because a disproportionate number of Community College Students are living below the poverty line in Santa Cruz and adjacent counties, the California Legislature should significantly scale back recent tuition increases and provide housing vouchers for full-time students.\”

Broad topic: \”US/Mexico Immigration\”
Narrow thesis: \”How can the US and Mexico work together to build a strong economy south of the border to erase the incentive for illegal immigration into the US?\”

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