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Briefly define the concept of built heritage and, particularly in the context of United Kingdom built heritage protection and conservation, reflect upon theories of heritage and conservation. Consider why institutional support for built heritage regulation in the United Kingdom might be relatively weak. What issues are raised by built heritage protection, how effective have regulations and specifically the planning enforcement system been in terms of protecting Built Heritage and why might there be fundamental differences in perception between owners and regulators revolving around contentious issues such as viability?

It is important to remember that systems of protection are themselves a tool which produce and reproduce particular narratives about buildings and their conservation – indeed, the UK system valorises certain heritages over others, and there is certainly a feeling that as a result the system of enforcement is geared towards favouring certain heritages over others.

A range of reading on the politics of built heritage is essential.
It is essential that the work should be centred around similar recent discussions in the journal Environment and Planning C and books by John Pendlebury, Peter Larkham, Ed Hobson, A. Powers and Aidan While.

Examples of some of their key journal papers include:

Pendlebury J, 2000, Conservation, conservatives and consensus: the success of conservation under the Thatcher and Major governments, 1979 – 1997,’ Planning Theory and Practice 1, pages 31- 52.

Pendlebury J, 2003, “Planning the historic city” Town Planning Review 4 371 – 393

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for social inclusion” International Journal of Heritage Studies 10 pp 11 – 31

Powers A, 2001, Preserving heritage or revaluing resources, in Preserving Post-war Heritage:
The Care and Conservation of Modern Architecture Ed. S Macdonald (Donhead, Shaftesbury,
Dorset) pp 201 – 208

While A Environment and Planning B: Planning and Design 2007, The state and the controversial demands of cultural built heritage: modernism, dirty concrete, and postwar listing in England volume 34, pages 645 – 663.
While A 2006 Modernism versus Urban Renaissance: negotiating post war heritage in English City Centres Urban Studies 43, pages 2399-2419

Larkham PJ, 1999,“Preservation, conservation and heritage: developing concepts and applications”,in British Planning: 50 Years of Urban and Regional Policy Ed. B Cullingworth (Athlone,London)

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Larkham P J, 1997, Remaking cities: images, control and postwar replanning in the United
Kingdom” Environment and Planning B: Planning and Design 24, pages 741 – 759

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