planning training strategies

Mager text: ?ú How to Turn Learners OnWithout Turning them off, Chapters 10 through 12 ?ú Analyzing Performance Problems, Chapters 1 through 13 ACTIVITIES: Use any 2 of the following items as metaphors for training methods. Explain how each can be used to help clarify effective training methods and course designs, tools, strategies and approaches. Have fun with this activity, be creative, you might even want to come up with your own sample metaphor. Scaffold Training Wheels Crock of Oatmeal T-Ball pedestal Hammock Tree roots Sunflower/seeds You can read Larry D. Spence, PhD’s Family Focus ( article, “A Critique of Scaffolding. The article is within the Faculty Focus Special Report section called, Course Design and Development Ideas that Work, March 2010. The following is the complete URL: (Scroll down to page 8). WRITTEN ASSIGNMENTS Of the training methods described in the Study Notes and in your reading material, discuss at least 3 methods that you feel could be successfully applied to both classroom training and online course design. Why did you choose those?

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