policy analysis skills Academic Essay

This assignment is designed to: Improve your policy analysis skills by improving your ability to identify interest groups that are stakeholders in the food and agricultural policy process. Improve your understanding of the organization and role of interest groups in the policymaking process. Develop your ability to write memoranda for decision makers. The rules for this assignment are: The two interest groups selected for this assignment must be from two parts of the agrifood system. For example, you may analyze one farm interest group and one food manufacturing interest group, but you may not analyze two food retailing interest groups. You must choose interest groups for this analysis B you may not choose government agencies (e.g., the Department of Agriculture or the Environmental Protection Agency) or individual companies (e.g., Hersheys or ADM) for this analysis. If you are unsure whether an interest group you have chosen is appropriate for this assignment, print some information from the groups website and ask me about the group. I will be lenient in permitting a wide range of interest groups and policy issues to be included in this assignment, but the groups and issues must be related to the agri-food system. I am willing to permit such issues as cloning, or estate taxes as food policy issues (if the group has a position on a food or agricultural aspect of the issue), but I will not accept groups or issues such as gun rights or the Iraq war as agri-food system issues. February 15, 2016 TO: You FROM: Secretary of Agriculture Thomas Vilsack T.V. SUBJECT: Request for interest group analysis I will be meeting with interest groups that lobby the USDA and members of Congress on a wide range of public policy issues. These groups represent a wide range of farm, agribusiness, food industry, environmental, and consumer interests. Please write a memorandum that I can use to prepare for a meeting with two of these interest groups. This memorandum should provide as much detail as you can find about the two interest groups. Be sure to include the following for each group: The name, location and any history available for the group. The number and type of members in the group. Be sure to explain whether the membership includes individuals, corporations, or both. The level of the agri-food system represented by the group. The selective goods/benefits provided by the group to its members. The major food, agricultural, environmental, and consumer policy issues of concern to the members of the group and the positions taken by the group on these issues. Please conclude your memorandum by comparing the two groups and discussing the major similarities and differences in the groups= organization and policy objectives. If there are policy issues on which the groups are likely to agree or disagree, please identify these issues. Attachment: USDA staff research report USDA STAFF RESEARCH REPORT: S PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT

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