Political Scavenger Hunt

I have an assignment it is called ( Political Scavenger Hunt) . I need you to bring three campaign items. And write two paragraphs about each one.I need you to make sure you note: 1- the source of the item (for example, it can be if it a newspaper, YouTube, or so on ). 2- the day on which it aired (if it is a TV or radio ad), etc. Some application of class readings or outside research is expected (for example, if you bring in a campaign button, I expect you to do research on the role of such items in campaigns, their history, etc.). What follows are examples but are not limited to these: Videotape of TV or audiotape of radio ads. Video- or audio-tape of campaign speech. Text of campaign speech. Campaign handouts (buttons, fliers, doorhangers, etc). Integral social media posts. Effective news interview.

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