Political Science Essay

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Quiz (a) each nation performs certain political functions, albeit with recourse to very different structures (these need not be explicitly political – e.g., family, schools.) This week identify and explain the performance of the political socialization and interest articulation functions in your selected country, and describe the structures involved in their performance
QUESTION (A) IN ABOUT 2 pages with citation

We are covering comparative structures.
Comparative Structures LO-8: Conduct a cross system analysis of the legislative and executive functions and the structures that perform them Almond: Chapters 6 and 7
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Lecture Notes – Week 3

History and Corcyra
1) Why might Thucydides think that past events recur? What is he assuming? Is history patterned, cyclical, linear …? (This question will resurface when we discuss Fukuyama)
2)] What do you think Thucydides was getting across in detailing the complex web of relations that started the hostilities between Corcyra and Corinth? Are there any modern parallels, i.e Afghanistan?

The Debate at Sparta
3) Describe the setting of the debate at Sparta? (1.67)
4) Who are the Athenians speaking at Sparta? How do they justify Athens’ actions? (1.72) What is your reaction to the Athenian argument?(1.75)
5) Compare and contrast the four responses (Corinthians, Athenians, King Archidamus and Ephor Sthenelaidas) to the morally loaded situation under discussion. Of the four speeches, do you find any one especially persuasive?
6) How did the Spartans vote? Is there a connection between this vote and the Athenian decision to support Corcyra?(1.86)
7) What is the cause of the war, according to Thucydides?
Book II
8) What happened at Platea and how did Thebes, Athens and Sparta become involved? Are there similarities with Epidamnus?
9) How successful were the Athenians in controlling Platean actions?(2.6)

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