Politics and Media Management Custom Essay

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You should now be developing an idea that will form the basis of your final written assessment for this module. This 2,500-word case study essay must focus on the impact of news management on a specific political or social issue, decision, campaign, or controversy. Its title should take the form of a question, and the piece itself be written in an essay style ? using analysis and suitable quotes, statistics, and examples to support
your argument and conclusions.

Guide to assessment criteria

Your finished case study should incorporate most or all of the following:

?A clear, contextualised explanation of your chosen issue, decision, campaign and/or controversy, with appropriate historical background
?An acknowledgement of the full range of perspectives on your chosen subject, incorporating some evaluation of their relative merits

?A logical argument leading to conclusions that are supported by appropriate quotations, examples, and (where necessary) statistics

?Pointers to the relationship between your chosen subject and other, similar controversies and/or issues in history or more recent times

?Some evidence that you have related your chosen real-life case study to the emerging academic theories relating to media management

?A full bibliography in Harvard style, referencing suitable books, newspaper and academic articles, websites, journals, etc

Some examples of case study essay titles from last year include the following:

?Who benefited the most from Nick Griffin?s appearance on Question Time?

?To what extent were the lessons learnt by Richard Nixon after his 1960 bid for the presidency in presentation responsible for his later electoral success?

?How instrumental was [Martin Luther] King?s use of the news media during his quest to liberate African-Americans and attain a Civil Rights Act?

?How Barrack Obama used the World Wide Web to secure an unprecedented victory in the 2008 US presidential election.

?To what extent did the mainstream media comply the government?s [wishes] during the invasion of Iraq in 2003?

?How did Jade Goody and her team change the (sic) public opinion after the Big Brother race row using media management?

?Princess Diana used the media in order to boost her public image. How true is this statement?

I need to write about “Black Hawk Down” the somalia war in 1992-93 while bill clinton was president.

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