Paper details1) Go to the World Values Survey (WVS) database page: http://www.worldvaluessurvey.org/WVSOnline.jspa) Choose your own country. (PLEASE WRITE ABOUT INDIA)b) Select the WVS wave 6 (20102014)c) We are going to work with 2 main variables, separatelyi) V84: Interest in politicsii) V211: Pride in nation. If Q V211 was not asked in your country, try instead Q V214: I see myself as part of the [country]nation.d) Cross each of these variables with the following six variables (pull down menu in the site)i) Ageii) Sexiii) Scale of incomesiv) Ethnic group. You have to go to other in the pull down menu. Ethnicity is Q V254. If ethnicity was not asked in yourcountry, replace for Q V247: Language at homev) Highest educational level attainedvi) Are you a religious person (V147).e) Generate a table and a graph with the results for each question and the six cross variables (if you save the table, a basicgraph will be generated automatically in the excel file). You should have 14 tables (one for each question alone, and six pereach question when crossed by age, sex, etc.) Put all the results in a folder.2) Choose one question (either interest in politics or Pride in nation) and observe your results. Choose one of the chartscrossed with one of the variables. You may choose any of them, but in general the most productive choices are the oneswhere you notice immediately that the cross variable i.e. sex or education or income, have a noticeable impact over interestin politics or national pride. Equally interesting are the ones where our knowledge will suggest a result (for example, genderand war?? men favoring armed options more than women)? and it does not happen in your data.3) (a) Describe the chart. State what relation you observe among the variables. In certain cases, it could be useful to compressthe choices (for example, adding strongly agree/agree, and disagree/strongly disagree fusing 4 categories into 2), sothe relations are stronger.(b) Provide hypotheses that would explain these associations. Here our readings will give you some pointers and/orsubstantiate your results, depending on the question that you are analyzing. I will suggest also doing a quick online researchof the political/economic circumstances in your country when the poll was taken (20102014).Any online historical account is PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT

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