Population Description and Interview Essay

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For the population description and interview summary, include:

A description of the attributes and needs of the population you selected. The following list is an example. You can use some or all of it to describe your population or create your own descriptors. Your description may include:
Particular psychosocial stressors relevant to the population you are studying.
The acculturation process and its effects.
Types of discrimination that population may face.
Differences in subgroups of the population.
Willingness to seek out mental health services.
Access to mental health services.
The role of family in the mental health process.
Your notes from the interview you conducted and a summary of the interview. Be sure to address:
How the interview informed the direction your project will take going forward.
Where your interviewee is on the Racial/Cultural Identity Development Model (page 243 in the Sue and Sue text).

Use the following to guide you along with the project information.

Analyze a comprehensive list of the needs and attributes of the selected population.

Analyze the results of interview research, based on the Racial/Cultural Identity Development Model and the structure of the course project.

Support assertions with references from peer-reviewed journals. I need this paper done within 7 days.

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