power Electric System Works: Academic Essay

Project description1. introduction 2. How the power Electric System Works:-Generation Stations-EHV Transmission-Substations-Local Transmission-Primary Distribution-Lateral Distribution-Individual Service 3. How the electric transmission system works:3.1 Typical transmission line structures3.2 Electrical Transmission Tower Types and Design3.3 Overhead transmission3.4 Underground transmission3.5 How dependable electricity reaches you4. advantage and disadvantage Underground vs. Overhead Transmission and Distribution 5. Bulk power transmission:5.1 Grid input5.2 Losses5.3 Transposition5.4 Sub-transmission5.5 Transmission grid exit 6. High-voltage direct current 7. Capacity 8. Control:8.1 Load balancing8.2Failure protection 9. Effects of High Voltage Transmission Lines on Humans andPlants:9.1 what is the electric and magnetic fields9.2 Electric and Magnetic Field (EMF) Effects9.3 EMF Effects and riskHuman beings and Health concerns9.4 EMF Effectson Animals and Plant Life9.5 Mitigation of EMF Effect of Transmission Line9.6 Mitigate the impact of the EMF on humans 10. conclusion11. References PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT

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