Practical project: case study educational intervention Custom Essay

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Assignment 1:
Assignment 1 is the literature review to support your educational intervention. Assignment 1 will establish the foundations for Assignment 2. Note that a literature review is not an annotated bibliography. Rather, it is a critical review of the literature that demonstrates how you have incorporated the literature into your mental model of cognition and instruction. If you are unsure about how to write a literature review, the Flinders Student Learning Centre provides excellent advice.
Assignment 2:
1. a clear statement of the focus of your educational intervention and your justification for this intervention
2. step-by-step details of the design of your educational intervention
3. step-by-step details of the processes of implementation of your educational intervention (what you did; what the student did)
4. the results of the intervention, displayed in suitable formats critical analysis of your results in relation to the literature review
5. a statement of the implications of your intervention for teaching and learning.

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