Practice of Qualitative Research Report

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The following guidelines should be used when critiquing qualitative studies.
Introduction and Purpose
1) Include full citation of the article.
2) Was the purpose of the study clearly stated? A clear statement will help you determine if the topic was important, relevant, and of interest to making improvements in patient/nursing outcomes.
Review of the Literature
1) Was relevant background literature reviewed? The literature should include articles that provide background information for the study as well as any previous work that may have been published on the topic of interest.
2) What areas of nursing practice were studied?
Study Design
1) Qualitative studies have numerous types of designs. The key designs are ethnography, phenomenology, grounded theory, and participatory action research (PAR). Other less common designs include: heuristics, ethnography, hermeneutics, and social interactions.
a) Identify the study design.
b) The research design should be congruent with the beliefs and worldview of the researcher. Are you able to identify the expressed interest of the researcher?
c) The end results should be one that seeks meaning about the topic being examined. Are you able to identify the depth of understanding of the researcher related to exploration of the topic? d) What does the researcher hope to find as a result of the study? What findings emerge from the data?
1) A variety of methods are used by qualitative researchers. What method was used in the study?
a) Participant observation
b) Interviews
c) Focus groups
d) Historical data
e) Audio/visual techniques
f) Open-ended questions
1) Was the process for purposeful selection described?
2) Was sampling done until redundancy of the data was reached?
3) Was informed consent obtained?
Data Collection
1) Were there clear and complete descriptors of the event/phenomena being studied?
2) Were the researcher’s assumptions and biases made explicit?
Data Analysis
1) Was the data analysis completed using inductive methods?
2) Were the findings consistent with the reflective data?
3) Was the process for transforming data into themes/codes described adequately?
4) Was trustworthiness established?
1) Were the conclusions appropriate given the findings of the study?
2) Do the findings contribute to nursing knowledge?
Prepare a 1000-1250-word written analysis of a qualitative research report to determine the validity of a study, so that the value of the study findings in nursing practice can be evaluated.
(1) The numbers and headings in the guidelines need to be used within your paper.
(2) The questions should be addressed in narrative sentence form.
3) Use standard essay format in APA style, including an introduction, conclusion, and title page. An abstract is not required. Cite in-text and in the References section.


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